In the present times Hvar is best known as one of favourite tourist destinations in the world. Numerous hurring tourists, remember crystal clear sea, sunshine and the general charm of the Mediterranean urban layout.However, Hvar is by far more than that. Life having been going on continuously in this place since prethistoric times on, has left behind the inheritance of a harmonious Rennaisance town endowed by 11 churchis, the most significant of them being . St. Stephans Chatedral owerlooking town square. The town Loggia, numerous palaces, summer residences along with the Arsenal and the theatre lingering at the shore are witneses of the time when this town, the centre of Hvar Commune, used to be a significant military-maritime stronghold of the Venice Republic.Many a history date, historic monument. eminent people and events emerging from Hvar history are worth mentioning.Andyet, there is one and the only institution of significance which has found its way to be marked in the European history.It is Hvar Arsenal, from 16th century with the Theatre on the first floor from 1612.

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